Sunday, June 6, 2010

silver bullion

Just saw the movie Dear John. The father in the story was an avid collector of coins. The coins are keeping him alive. I may never understand the magic about collecting coins but i’m sure it’s an interesting thing to do. You may want to buy silver bullion and start your own collection? Check out the ones from US Gold Bureau and you might be more than just thrilled to start your own collection. I didn’t realize there are lots of things to know on what and what not to buy. There are lots of items too to be aware of so that we can get the best of dealing with silver coins. These items are form of investments too.

bohol again?

Yup! I’m probably be going back to Bohol. I’ll never get tired of visiting the home of tarsiers and chocolate hills. Add to that the white powdery sand beaches. Ahh relaxation at its finest. I was supposed to go there last month but it was cancelled. My friend from Singapore had to cancel to attend to other important matters. Now, i might be going there with my friends at work. Well, i hope it’s going to push through. Rainy season is about to start, hope to go there while the sun is still out.

3rd time in Bantayan Island

Went to Bantayan Island last holy week. It’s my third time to be in that paradise island but it was my first time to be there during its peak season. Bantayan island is mostly visited during holy week. If rest of the places of the country is on a contemplative mood, Bantayan is partying. It made the place very controversial to a point that the partying was stopped.

I was with a different group of friends so it’s a different experience to begin with. Our tent was situated at the beach front so I spent most of my time just lazing. It was a good time to relax.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

coin dealer

I know a lot of people who are into collecting coins. In fact, just a while ago, my colleagues (yup i'm still at work) were busy talking and exchanging old coins. I'm not much of a fan though i have a few at home. Would you like to have your own collection? Are you looking for the best coin dealer around? Do check out zoomcoin because they have the rarest gold coins and silver coins. If you're still a newbie, don't worry as you will be oriented when you read from them on how to get started in collecting rare coins. They're also a shot for finding gold offers and rare coin specials. Also, you can read trivias on the top picks of coins to collect and own. This sounds interesting. I might as well just start my own collection now.

Top Ten: Popular Dream Cruises

1. The Caribbean
2. Alaska
3. South America
4. The Baltic Sea
5. Panama Canal
6. Hawaii
7. Mediterranean
8. The Galapagos Islands
9. The Disney Experience
10. Tahiti, Australia, Asia & New Zealand

Source: according to Touring Magazine

Yey! At least i made it to one of the list - #9. Heheh! :) And not just once but twice. :) It's pretty general about Asia though.

my list: places to go to

My latest update: as of October 2009.

In no particular order… (* no. of times visited)

places in the country:
1. Boracay *
2. Palawan *
3. Bohol **
4. Batangas
5. Baguio *
6. Tagaytay
7. Siargao
8. Davao
9. CDO *
10. Camiguin *
11. Bais
12. Guimaras
13. Siquijor *
14. Sagada *
15. Banaue *

islands/towns around Cebu Province
1. Camotes *****
2. Malapascua
3. Bantayan **
4. Moalboal *
5. Badian *******
6. San Remegio *
7. Argao *
8. Sumilon *

resorts in Cebu: (been to many resorts in Cebu but I want to go to these resorts)
1. Plantation Bay
2. Hilton
3. Shangrila
4. Abaca
5. Alegre

others places i’ve visited but haven’t thought of:
1. Negros (Bacolod) *
2. Dumaguete *

foreign countries:
1. USA
New York
2. Singapore
3. Hongkong
4. Korea
5. Japan
6. Malaysia
7. Thailand
8. Paris
9. Prague
10. London
11. Italy
12. Germany
13. Venice
14. Austria
15. Australia
16. Spain
17. Macau

Some places i listed may just remain just in my list but at least i made it to some! :P

Monday, October 5, 2009

Disney World

I would consider myself lucky because i've been to the place people consider the most happiest on earth - Disneyland. Even luckier because i got to visit not just one but two destinations. First in California and second time around in Hongkong. If you're planning for a Disney tour in Florida, check out Disney World Tickets from OrlandoFunTickets because you will be able to purchase tickets at a cheaper price. Other reasons why you should buy from them are the following: they're the largest ticket discount store in Florida, licensed & bonded, authorized contracts with Disney and no hidden fees. Definitely you're buying your tickets from a legal source so the money spent is a sure fun later. If i'll be given a chance to work in the US again, i would surely go to Florida Disneyland and get tickets from them. You should too!

playing with the sands

White sands, serene beach - totally a fantastic view. This was taken last April (Holy Week) at El Nido in Palawan. I forgot the exact name of this island. We went island hopping for three consecutive days, it's difficult for me to memorize all the names of the island. However, each island has its specific characteristic and beauty that i cannot forget.

The trip from Puerto Princesa to El Nido was quite tiring but i wouldn't mind going there again. As usual, the more friends joining, the merrier is the trip!

missing the long weekends

Time flies so fast, i can't believe it's already October! I look at the calendar at work and I noticed that there's no non-working holiday scheduled this month. Too boring! We had lots of non-working holidays for the month of August and September. Almost every week is a short week at work because holidays either fall on a Friday or Monday. The next holiday will be at the end of the month yet. Can't wait! November 1 and 2, is supposedly non-working days but since November 01 is a Sunday, let's see if Friday will be declared a holiday.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

family vacations

I love to travel. I don't have the means to do it all the time nor can i go to all the places i like. But it's always nice to see new places when given the chance. If and only if i have enough resources, i would definitely go for a Caribbean all inclusive family vacation on summer. For all you guys out there who are planning for a perfect getaway for your family, do check out Karisma Hotels and you will surely find something that is not only fun to do but perfect for family bonding. They have family highlights that include family-oriented suites, baby equipment and toy loan services, family and friends vacation planner, breeze teen club, Azulito kid's club and full service concierge. Kids and adult alike will surely enjoy and cherish the vacation spent. They also have fabulous programs for the kids so parents are assured of great relaxation time for themselves as well. So, book now and enjoy some cool family time together.